On Hiatus and LOVING IT! (So far, at least!)

I’m on a social media and games hiatus for a month. I have known for a while that I've become far too reliant on my smartphone. It has become a distraction with all of its fun apps that allow me to keep in touch with friends and family without ever having to speak or even leave my bed, if I don’t want to! It’s also got all these fun time wasting games that are incredible time sucks. IF I had self-control, I would be able to manage my time effectively to allow myself to play games and be social but still get work, exercise, housework, reading and writing done. But I don’t have self-control. Like, none. I have that fangirl gene that makes me go to complete excess on anything I like. So, my phone had taken over my time and everything else was falling by the wayside. I’m not one to go halfway with much of anything so, it had to be a cold turkey, clean break for me to start the process to try to get my priorities in order and use my time more wisely.

The hiatus started Monday. I’m doing great, so far, I think. I have broken it twice but just briefly and with good reason. A friend needed some encouragement so I sent her a DM on Twitter and today is Founders Day and the Centennial for Phi Beta Sigma, a fraternity very dear to my heart, so I posted a message on FB. That’s it, though. Besides that, I've been out of touch and quite frankly, it has felt good! I've been reading in my spare time and I've been brainstorming about my book that I’m currently revising. I need to lighten the mood because my heroine is sad for a lot of the book and I've come up with a comic relief character that I’m already in love with and I've only written one line for her so far!

I also decided to add the wrinkle to turn my TV off if I don’t have something specific I plan to watch. I also find that I waste a lot of time watching things I've seen before, over and over, because there’s nothing else to watch. I could be using that time more effectively, as well. That said, I do have A LOT of things that I specifically plan to watch, so the TV probably won’t be off THAT much; let’s not get crazy! Heh. I want to keep these weekly blog posts to around 500-700 words max, so they aren't too tough to digest. Most weeks, I’ll talk about whatever books, shows, movies, etc. I feel like pimping or talk about my writing, since I definitely want to pimp that, at some point! I’m already nearing 500 for this week so just a couple of quick bites about returning shows I watched this week:

Almost Human – Mondays at 8pm on Fox – I think I’m ready to crown this my favorite new show of the latest batch of new shows. This past week’s episode was the funniest one so far!

Teen Wolf – Mondays at 10pm on MTV – I’m so glad this show is back! I have missed it! Yea, I’m in my 40’s and love Teen Wolf; WHAT OF IT? Does the frequent shirtlessness have anything to do with it, you ask? THAT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! But, yes. HEH.

Justified – Tuesdays at 10pm on FX – Raylan Givens and that cowboy hat GIVE. ME. FEVER! WHEW! So glad to have him and Art and Boyd and Wynn Duffy and his exquisite eyebrows and the rest of the crew back for another season.

Alright, that’s it for this week. Looking forward to more productivity during my hiatus this week and the return of more of my fave shows!


  1. Yea! I'm glad things have started off well! Keep it up and keep us posted!


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