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One More AAD Philly Post

A week ago today, I returned home from my first ever con, the Authors After Dark Conference in Philadelphia, PA, also known as AADPhilly.It’s been a week and I’m STILL on a high from the fun I had! I wanted to go through all of my swag and have a giveaway ready before I did this post but that hasn’t worked out, so we’ll consider this my part one post.Once I have everything together for my giveaway, I’ll do a part two. Deal?Cool! Months ago when registration first opened for AAD, I had no knowledge of the conference and, therefore, no interest in going.I saw that several of my tweeps were discussing it on Twitter but I wasn’t paying much attention.There was a frenzy amongst my tweeps when registration opened and I got caught up in it when my friend Adrienne of DrensBSpot urged me to register, informing me that it would be a great opportunity to meet so many of my buddies on Twitter .I decided to register, for that very reason.From that point, my main motivation for going to AAD was the …