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Why you should see Guardians of the Galaxy. Like, NOW.

Hi all! Checking in with a recommendation for those of you that like to know what I’m currently pimping. Whatever you are doing right now, stop; it’s not as important as what I’m about to tell you. Immediately go to use whatever tool you use to look up movie times…find out when the next showing of Guardians of the Galaxy is at your local multiplex and get your happy little self on over to the movie theater, with a quickness! You’ll thank me! You need to see this movie; the sooner the better.

Here’s a little background so you can understand why I’m so confident that I know what’s best for you regarding this movie. The official premiere of the movie was this past Friday, 8/1/14. It’s Monday, 8/4/14. I’ve seen it three times. I’ve seen it in 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D. So we can go ahead and consider me an expert on the movie already, if you will. Trust me; you’ll LOVE it! It has something for everyone. If you like to laugh, if you like sexy men, if you like bad ass women, if you are a fan of 8…