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My sorta kinda late San Diego Comic-Con recap!

So, my dreams came true and I finally got to attend San Diego Comic-Con!  And it was EVERYTHING! Glorious, amazing, fun, overwhelming, tiring, exhausting, exciting, fantastic and a whole lot of other things I can’t think of right now because I still have con brain(even a couple of weeks later)  and my thoughts are all YIPPEECRAZYBALLSHUBBAHUBBALOOKATHIMOVERTHEREOWWYEAHWHEEEE when I try to think about how to explain it all!  Sooo, forgive this recap if it’s all over the place; I’m still recovering from my brain being splintered from joy! I will say that if you are a fan of tv, movies, comics, celebrities, books, sci fi, paranormal, cartoons and basically anything in popular culture, you should put Comic-Con on your radar.  There was something for everyone….many somethings for everyone and its was just such a good atmosphere.  It felt like everyone was just so happy to be at Comic-Con and just so happy for everyone else that was there with them.  I’ll be carrying all of my happy feelin…