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Welcoming 2011 with a Sons of Anarchy DVD giveaway

The time has come for end of the year reflections, lists, projections, resolutions, etc.I’m going to keep mine short and sweet and throw in a giveaway, to boot! 2010 was, without a doubt, the worst year of my life.(For those that don’t know, my dad passed away on 1/3/10 which set the tone for my year.) I tried to write an end of the year post that ENDED on a happy note, at least, but every post I tried to write was just filled with sadness about this year so I scrapped that idea.Instead of doing a 2010 wrap up, I’m just going to look forward to 2011! I have high hopes for 2011, folks!It is going to be better than 2010; I believe it and I’m speaking it into existence!This past year, while being tinged with sadness , had some very good moments.I met WONDERFUL people both online and in real life that helped to keep me sane and smiling when I didn’t think it was possible.I got a job after having been unemployed for close to a year.I started a blog.I finished a sprint triathlon.I did NaNoWri…

Winner Post!

Thanks to, we have a winner and it is..........
Theresa @ The Creative Well
Congrats, Theresa!  You've won a $10 Borders Gift Certificate for commenting on my November Obsessions Blog. 

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Pimpin' My November Obsessions + Borders GC Giveaway

Happy December, folks!It’s time for my monthly obsessions post.Let’s see….what was I obsessed with in November?Any guesses??*Waggles eyebrows and tilts head towards the upper left hand corner of the blog* 1) National Novel Writing Month aka NaNoWriMo I’M A WINNER!!I took on the challenge of attempting to write a 50,000 word novel during the month of November and I DID IT!In order to do it, though,I let some things slide.I didn’t do any blog posts (sorry ‘bout that!), I cut down my TV viewing, I cut down on my Twitter time, I cut down on my gym time (between us, that was probably NOT actually related to NaNoWriMo….but…I’m just gonna go ahead and throw it in there anyway!) and I cut out my reading time, for the most part.And you know what?I was ok with it!I immersed myself in my own world that I decided to create and I enjoyed my time there.I’m so glad I did this challenge.I now know that I can find the time to do some writing every day.I won’t be trying to do 50,000 words in a month so I…