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The hiatus is over! Kinda sorta.

Sorry about the lack of a post last week.  My work life has been so hectic lately that it was literally Saturday before I realized I'd never gotten around to posting on Thursday!)Well, it's been a month since I went on social media hiatus!  It started on January 6th so, technically, I can re-enter the fray today, if I so choose.  Funny thing, though; I'm not sure if I'm ready to go back yet.  Or, at least, not in the way I used to be immersed in it.  This month has taught me a few surprising things:1) I don't need social media as much as I thought I did.  Sure, I missed the daily interaction with a lot of my buddies BUT during this month I rediscovered that email, texting and phone calls can be just as effective as social media for staying in touch with folks. You don't get every detail of the lives of all the people you follow on the various networks but you can still have quality time that feeds the same need for social interaction.2) I WILL absolutely find a…