Hiatus Week 2 & a You Tube Vortex

Well, this past week was not as productive as I wanted it to be.  I fell into a You Tube vortex that ate up a BUNCH of time.  I did not include You Tube as part of my social media hiatus because it doesn't usually trap me for hours at a time.  But, if you've ever gone down a rabbit hole on You Tube only to emerge to find out hours or even days have passed, you understand what happened to me last week.  It was a huge time suck. It was, however, time that I thoroughly enjoyed.  So, that's something.  I guess.

The book I've been reading is one I have tried to read more than once before in the past.  It's the first in a series that I really WANT to read but, once again, I have lost interest in the book.  I hate it because it's a long series, which I love, and I really like the author as a person.  I don't usually skip books in series but I may skip the first one and try the next one to see if it catches my fancy.  In the meantime, I'm going to switch to the next book I haven't read in one of my tried and true series.  The good news is that I have several books to choose from because I am behind in several series.  That, of course, is also the bad news because now I have to make a choice.  Sigh.  I think I'm just going to pick whatever's closest to my bed and start there.

As far as my hiatus from Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook goes, I think it's going surprisingly well!  I do miss my tweeps, especially, and the daily humor my timeline usually brings me.  But, it's bearable.  I've had other things to focus on and I've been enjoying that.  I've made it a point to reach out to a friend I haven't talked  to or corresponded with in a while every couple of days and it's been nice spending the time I'd usually be perusing my timeline catching up with friends.

TV this week has been fun…and filthy, in at least one case! Just the highlights, since I've watched a LOT.

NFL Football - we are approaching that HORRIBLE time of year when the NFL leaves us high and dry for months.  I'm already depressed.  Sigh.

Almost Human - SO in love with this show!  Karl Urban and Michael Ealy have such great chemistry!  Last week's episode is still the funniest but this week definitely gave it a run for it's money!

Sleepy Hollow - Ichabbie is back! Seeing Ichabod in skinny jeans was hilarious!  Creepy ep but I was happy to have it back.

Archer - I love this show SO hard! The writers apparently got bored with writing it as it was and decided to completely change the premise of the show this year.  After one ep, I am IN.  CANNOT WAIT to see how it goes.  

Chozen - This show was, by far, the filthiest cartoon I've EVER seen.  That said…I can't wait for next week!

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Sigh.  I don't want to talk about it.  I had such high hopes for this show.  Ugh.

Justified - Raylan Givens is THAT. DUDE.  Such a bad ass.  If you don't know him…what the H are you waiting for?

Arrow - Glad it's back! I still have issues with most of the female characters (not you, Felicity!) but I like the male characters enough to get past it.  Plus…frequent shirtlessness.  I'm totally THAT shallow.

That's it for this week.  Hoping to have a more productive week this time around; you hear that, You Tube?  Hmph.  Happy reading, watching and writing this week, folks!


  1. Glad you're enjoying your hiatus! I miss you on twitter.

  2. Miss you, too, Marq! Thanks for stopping by!

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