Hiatus Week 3 - What I'm Missing

It's week three of my social media hiatus.  And I'm still surviving!  YAY, ME!  That said, I mentioned last week the You Tube vortex that sucked up a bunch of my time.  This week I had to add You Tube to the hiatus.  It turns out, I WILL find ways to waste time,  even when I'm actively trying to avoid doing just that.  Sigh.  I'm going to have to find some balance, eventually, because I can't permanently ban myself from social media.  The hiatus is helping, though.  At this point, I think even when I go back to being engaged on social media that I might just allow myself the weekend and maybe a couple of days a week to be on it.  Or maybe just one particular platform a day.  I don't want to lose all of the increased productivity I've gained from the hiatus by just jumping back in with both feet once it's over.  I've still got a couple of weeks to mull it all over and decide how to proceed.  If nothing else, I'm glad I did this so that I know that I can do it.  I wasn't so sure, going in to it.  That's how dependent I'd become on social media.

Speaking of dependencies, I have discovered that I apparently get the bulk of my news from Twitter.  I did not realize it until I had to start actively looking for news once I stopped going on Twitter all day, every day.  Twitter is the place where I got all my breaking news, local news and sports and entertainment news, for the most part.  I do watch the local news on television but nothing seems to be as on top of everything going on everywhere as Twitter.  I miss my tweeps on Twitter, terribly, which I completely expected, but I also miss all my news sources which I had not anticipated.

Just a couple of TV notes this week.

Chozen - I cannot even express how wonderfully filthy this show is.  This week's line "well,  hello bitches...." is just about my favorite line of the week in all of television.

Sleepy Hollow- The two hour season finale did not disappoint!  Triumphs,  failures, big reveals,  heart tugging moments and an ending I did NOT see coming!  The wait until fall is going to be agonizing!

Justified - Flirty Raylan and Agitated Boyd make for fantastic television viewing!

That's it for this week!  Happy viewing in your world!  Catch you next week!


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