Apologies for an Accidental Hiatus

Wow. Three months since my last post, huh? OOPS! Ummm…so I was on accidental hiatus and didn’t know it! See, what had happened wuz….ah shoot, no need to lie; I’m a lazy blogger. Always have been and always will be, apparently. I’m quite lackadaisical about my posts and you good folks seem to like me anyway! So thanks for that! My apologies for my absence; I had not realized it had been so long! I do have a couple of excuses OTHER than being lazy, though!

I’ve been focusing on the novel that I’m writing (86,000 words in and coming to the end!) and, as a result, I haven’t been doing much reading. I have done plenty of television watching but I talk about my shows so much on Twitter and in recap e-mails with some of my buddies (you lovelies know who you are!) that I haven’t felt the need to blog about them. I may do some blogging about my fave shows during this long hot summer when my faves are on hiatus though. I need to get more of you into them so I have more folks to commiserate with!

The main reason I haven’t posted a review in months, though, is that it’s been a while since I read something that inspired me to want to blog about it. The beauty of this blog is that I’m under no obligations to review anything; I review what I want. And, what I want to review are the books that I love. Negative reviews bring me down and most of the books I read get reviewed by so many of my lovely fellow bloggers that I don’t really feel the need to add a run of the mill “I liked it” review to the vast blogosphere. So, I save my reviews for the books that knock my socks off. No, scratch that…it needs to go even further; I want to review the books that knock my drawls off! :-D As it happens, I’ve read three such books in recent weeks and I feel the need to review them…or gush about them; whatever you prefer to call it! First up will be Lover Reborn by J.R. Ward. I’m working on the review now, trying to keep the exclamation points, squeals and superlatives to a minimum. I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you to be on the lookout! And to apologize for the hiatus that I hadn’t even realized was going on! Thanks for hanging in there with me!


  1. Yea!! I'm excited that you've gotten so much done on your book! Can't wait to watch what happens there! And anytime you have something to say is a good day! Love you!


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