KLB Virtual Journey - REVIEW - Decadent Dreams by Ty Langston

Beth Mason seemingly has it all. A successful bakery/cafe calledDecadent Dreams, good friends, and a nice home in Stamford, New York. After her boyfriend dumps her for not spending enough time with him, Beth decides she's been through enough and she wants more in a relationship.Throwing herself back into the dating scene, Beth decides to go onto an online dating website called 'A Foreign Affair.'
Enjoying the different types of men from all over the world that ‘A Foreign Affair’ catered to, Beth became struck by a handsome man from Belarus named Yuri who was the former manager of the famed Rhapsody night club. After realizing that they had a lot in common, the two struck up a close, intense relationship. Yuri, who’s been depressed since his nightclub burned to the ground and watching his best friend’s parents both die from a terminal illness, decided to take Beth up on an invite and join her for a fun-filled weekend in New York City. With both of them full of emotions, will the weekend be just what they needed or more than they bargained for?

This story was a new experience for me.  I don’t read a lot of erotica or novellas.  Don’t get me wrong; I like the down and dirty…I just think I like it in a longer form.  (wait…that sounds dirtier than I wanted it to!)  I was intrigued by the synopsis of this story though, so I decided to read it.
I really liked the concept of the Foreign Affairs website.  The full service aspect of the site and the way it caters to its members lends itself to a great premise for a wonderful relationship stemming out of an online encounter.  I don’t think the novella format gave enough time for the relationship to truly develop, organically, so that the reader is fully invested in the love story of Yuri and Beth.  Their story was interesting; I just think it needed a bit more fleshing out.

And speaking of flesh J, this story certainly lives up to it’s erotic billing!  Yuri and Beth share some scorching hot scenes, once they are together and able to do the things they’ve only been dreaming about during the months they’ve been in contact online.  I may have mentioned it before but I’m a big fan of shower scenes and bathroom scenes and this story delivers on both fronts!  I particularly liked the nightclub bathroom scene!

There were several secondary characters introduced in the story, complete with back stories.  Their inclusion in the story, while taking a little bit of time that could have been used to further develop Yuri and Beth, did intrigue me, as well.  Yuri’s best friend Nik, in particular, is an interesting character who seems as if he's being set up for his own story.  I’m looking forward to his story to see how his situation works out. If you are a fan of the novella length book and are looking for some sizzling sex, give Decadent Dreams a try!

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  1. Thanks for the review. I like how everyone has a different take on this.

  2. Loved this review Penny! You have a way of conveying your thoughts into words that really makes people understand how you felt. :)

  3. Glad you liked this one-I have it in my tbr pile and am going to have to move it up now.


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