Time for you to pimp to me!

Alright then…so that whole “I’m going to blog more” resolution hasn’t really come to fruition yet…but never fear; I WILL be a better blogger this year!  At some point.  Sigh.  Well, 2011 has been weird for me so far.  Not bad, just weird.  I just finished my first book of the year on the 23rd. That’s almost inconceivable to me but it’s true. I’ve been reading but I hadn’t been really grabbed by anything I was reading and kept abandoning books, in search of something that would grab me.  I’ve had more interest in my writing.   BUT…I apparently did not write enough notes for myself on my Work In Progress because I’m trying to edit it and there are parts where I have NO IDEA what the H I was talking about in my notes!  Sigh.  I haven’t done anything on the blog either…obviously.  I plan to do better, though.  I promise.  I have big things in store for the blog, including reviews and polls and random rants.  You just wait; you’ll love it! 
This is usually my Obsessions post for the month but I haven’t really been completely obsessed with anything so far this year.  See…I told you….weird.  So, I’m going to leave it to you to give me a new obsession!   What series should I be reading that I’m not?  What show should I be watching that I’m not?  What book boyfriend must I know about?  What upcoming movie should I start obsessing about now? Give me a suggestion below to enter for your chance to win either a $15 gift certificate from Borders or an equivalent book purchase from The Book Depository.  Help break me out of my reading/viewing/watching slump and have a chance to win!  If you want to be entered into the giveaway, just let me know in your post & don't forget to include your email address so I can contact you.  You don’t have to be a follower to enter but I’d appreciate it if you’d become a follower if you aren’t one already. The contest ends Friday 02/4/11 at 11:59pm EST and is open to all who care to enter and can benefit from a Borders gift certificate or a book purchase from Book Depository.  I appreciate you stopping by….and I promise to do better!  J  


  1. Hmmm... let's see. One book that is a must read is "Danann Frost Falls From Grace" by Joanne Valiukas.


  2. Hi Penny - saw this tweet come through and couldn't resist!

    I have to pimp a friend of mine, Lisa Sanchez has her new book coming out soon (Pleasure Untold), so you should go check out her first in the series Samhain. Was really good, snarky and sexy. TV - I got addicted to Spartacus on Starz. My goodness is that a violent romp of nasty fun. It is like a mix between 300 and Gladiator.

    parajunkee at gmail.com

  3. Books:

    For good UF by a new author - Try Kelly Gay's The Better Part of Darkness and The Darkest Edge of Dawn: Warning series includes sexy hunky male siren with kick ass heroine.

    Vicki Pettersson - Signs of the Zodiac Series

    TV - JUSTIFIED - Timothy Olyphant - Nuff Said! *drool/Swoon/Twitch*

    Upcoming Movies to look for:

    I Am Number 4

    Suckerpunch (I can't wait for this one)

    There ya go! Let the obessions begin!

  4. I wouldn't sweat it Penny. These things happen. I'm sure you'll bounce back in no time.

    I'm going to have to agree with Dren on Sucker Punch. The movie looks like it's going to be bad ass.

    Don't enter me in the contest. I'm still trying to get to the prize I won from you last month. =(

  5. Dren, I'm right there with you with 'Justified'.... Timothy Olyphant... lawdamercy!!

    Pen, I have told you plenty o' times, (even though it’s not Para/Rom or anything) but John Taylor from 'The Nightside' is the truth! (just picture Jeffery Donavan ala Burn Notice...) Sexy, smart AND devious!?!... yyuummmm!!!

    Every other book-boyfriend-worthy series I’ve read we've already talked about.......well.......ahem....... except maybe this new cowboy kick I seem to be on (see Justified)... I just downloaded a new book by Janet Dailey (Lone Calder Star) about a Texas Rancher.... and I’ve been giving Lorelei James’ ‘Rough Riders’ series about bull riders and the rodeo some serious side eye... I mean, am I the only one of us watching the PBR?... J.B. Mauney? Valdiron de Oliveira (...tell me THAT's not some old school Brazilian vamp name!)... Austin Meier... anyone!?!?!

  6. I don't have any good suggestions for you because I'm in the same boat as you!! I am so behind on reading, it's scary! I have no idea what is happening in pop culture, either. I'm of no use to you Penny - other than to say *hugs* and let's get through this together!!

  7. @Theresa - hadn't heard of that one; I'll have to look it up. Thanks!

    @ParaJunkee - thanks for the Lisa Sanchez tip; I'll have to check her out! Spartacus is already in my Netflix queue; I'm hearing such good things!

    @Dren - I am RIGHT THERE WITH YOU on everything you listed except Kelly Gay; I'll have to check the series out!

    @Jen D - I can't wait til you can get to that prize! I'm ready to discuss when you are! :-)

    @Mica - oh you KNOW I'm already loving Raylan on Justified; WOOT! You know, you're not the only person I know that's stuck on Cowboys right now...maybe I need to give 'em a try too!

    @Twimom - *hugs* right back to you, hon! we WILL get thru this together!!

    Thanks for the suggestions, ladies! Much appreciated!!

  8. Not entering the giveaway-but you have to read The Sabina Kane Series by Jaye Wells. (The Red Headed StepChild and The Mage in Black.) They totally got me out of my reading funk.

  9. I looked through your Goodreads books, and I couldn't see Stacia Kane's Downside series there. If you haven't read those books, you really should. They're amazing, in my opinion. :D (Unholy Ghosts, Unholy Magic and City of Ghosts)

    And it looks like you read YA sometimes, in which case you should definitely give Vampire Academy a try. Some of my favorite books. :D

    When it comes to tv, my obsession right now is Mad Men. I have no idea which episodes are airing in the US right now, but the ones airing in Sweden at the moment are awesome.

    I know there are other tv shows, but I can't think of them right not...


  10. I'm just enjoying the suggestions. Nummy brain food!

  11. I second Mica's comments about The Nightside Series by Simon R. Green! John Taylor is ALL OF IT!!

    For TV viewing, you HAVE to start watching SOUTHLAND!!! I can't believe EVERYBODY isn't watching this show already!! I admit that I hated on it (without ever having seen it...ahem) when it was on NBC. TNT rescued it and I'm so glad they did! It's gritty, dark, funny, clever and realistic. Regina King steals every scene she's in -- she is that good! It's been a long time since I've seen a show that stuck with me long after the episode has ended. Tuesdays at 10pm, TNT! I KNOW JUSTIFIED COMES ON AT THE SAME TIME BUT YOU CAN RECORD SOUTHLAND, PENNY!!!

    Am I allowed to pimp music?? My latest obsession (listening to it right now, as a matter of fact) is Robyn's "Body Talk" CD. She's a Swedish pop singer from the 90s who came back with new music last year. It is an OUTSTANDING record! So catchy and not bubble gum pop-y, more dance music. Love her!!

  12. Wow, after all of my pimping, I forgot to tell you to enter me in the contest!! **Throat clearing** Please enter me into the contest!!


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