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So, I’ve learned that I may actually be one of the laziest bloggers to ever live.  In my defense, I did have a triathlon that I was working towards that was taking up a lot of my free time (in case you missed it, I DID complete it on 9/26/10; WOOT!) and then, as a result of doing the bulk of my walk portion of the tri in the pouring rain, I got a nasty case of bronchitis that kept me out of work and laid out for several days in the week following the triathlon…but…yeahhhh…all of that happened a couple of weeks ago.  There’s really no excuse for me not to have posted anything so I’ll just cop to being lazy and leave it at that.  Moving on! 
Now that I’ve admitted to blogger laziness, I think its perfectly acceptable for me to steal today’s idea from someone else and then put YOU to work on MY blog (more about that later)!  HA!  Barnes and Noble has a question on their Facebook page today asking what book character you would most like to date.  I’m amazed at how many people have named JUST one character!  I’m finding it hard to narrow it down to just THREE!  I have many, many book loves going back many years and it’s just too hard to narrow it down to just one so I flat out refuse!  Its my blog; I can be ornery if I want to!  Here, in no particular order, are the top 3 book characters I’d like to date:
1)      Roarke – J.D. Robb’s In Death series – a devastatingly attractive multi-gazillionaire that owns nearly half the planet (AND some stuff OFF planet, too) who has all the qualities of a bad boy even while trying to be good, speaks with an Irish brogue, would do ANYTHING for the woman he loves (see bad boy trying to be good) and who is just as comfortable being charming and witty as he is with being cold, calculating and deadly, should the situation call for it  ; who WOULDN’T want to date that dude?  (Blogger’s note – If you are not familiar with the In Death series, never fear; there’s a pimpin’ post coming about it in the near future, since the newest book will be out in a few weeks)
Honorable mention in this series – Ian McNabb
2)      Rhage – J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series – I actually have a few book boyfriends from the BDB series, greedy, dirty minx that I am, but Rhage gets the mention because he was the one I loved first!  From his first mention in Dark Lover, I was intrigued by Hollywood.  I have a thing for big sexy blonde types (check), I like guys with a great sense of humor (check) and I like a man to have some fight in him, a beast within, as it were (CHECK!) so Rhage certainly fits the bill!  I was sold, though, when he went out to eat with Mary in Lover Eternal.  I like a man with a healthy appetite and Rhage put a HURTIN’ on some food in that book!  I LOVED it! 
Honorable mentions in this series – Vishous, John Matthew & Qhuinn
3)      Joe Morelli – Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series – There are only two men to love in this series and the heroine of the series loves them both and WHO COULD BLAME HER?  Morelli gets my vote, though, because he’s the more stable of the two.  He’s definitely a man you could see yourself marrying and living a comfortable life with.  He seems like a regular sexy guy who loves sports, loves his girl and puts up with her ridiculous antics, loves his family, takes his job seriously, isn’t afraid to have a good time and is willing to overlook an occasional transgression, whether it be criminal or relationship-wise.   What’s not to love?
Honorable mention in this series – Ranger (OF COURSE!) 
I decided to cut myself off at 3 for a couple of reasons; first, I really could go on and on with book crushes but I know you've probably got other things to do than read about all the book men I love but, mainly, I wanted to leave some men out there for YOU to talk about!  Remember me saying I was going to put you to work?  Now its your turn to do some pimpin of your own!  Who are YOUR favorite book boyfriends?  Which character or characters would you like to date and why?  Introduce us to them and tell us a little to get us interested, if you please! I know I'm always on the lookout for more men to add to my fantasy stable and I'm betting I'm not alone!
As always, thanks for stopping by and I promise to try to be less lazy in the future!  (Notice I didn’t say I promise NOT to be lazy…I’m just going to try to be LESS lazy.  Ahem.  No need to out and out LIE to you nice folks!)  Can’t wait to see who you mention!  Now...get to pimpin!      


  1. Um. All of the above plus Zsadist, Ethan from Chicagoland Vampires, Curran from Kate Daniels, Terrible from Downside Ghosts, and Barrons from the Fever series:) And Raphael from the Guild Hunter series. Oh, and finally, sign me up for a double dose of Ranger!

  2. Good list! I know all of them except Ethan; who writes the Chicagoland series?

  3. Oh I love Roarke! I've only read 5 books in that series. I am so behind. I think that series is up to book 19 now? Anyhoo, my book boyfriends are:
    1.Barrons - he is so intense and mysterious
    2.Raphael - possessive, powerful, angel dusht
    3.Bones - sexy, funny, dangerous. I want him to call me Kitten
    4.Wraith (Demonica series)- I love that he doesn't give a damn and does not have a filter. Oh and sexy as all get out!
    5. Wrath - He's the reason why I fell in love with the BDB series. Even though he's lost his sight, I'm sure he makes up for it with his hands, tongue and other parts of his body!


  4. I hope you got a while:

    Raphael, Terrible, Disco, Barrons, Curran, Conall, Vischous, Wrath, Ethan, Deyvn, Drake, Martini, Packard, Finn, Owen. Whew. There are more, but that should be enough for now. lol

  5. Oh, Marq....I envy you for all the Roarke goodness you still have to experience! The Demonica series is next up on my TBR list & I read all the other series you mention & I wholeheartedly agree with you!

  6. WOW, BELLS! LOL! I know some of those men but we'll have to discuss the others and how I can get to know them better! I'll give you new tv boyfriends & you can give me new book ones! ;-)

  7. I would like to be referred to as Mrs. Conall Dearghul from Sin Undone. That dhampire is all kinds of rawwrrrr goodness. Other mentions: Bones, because he knows how to talk the talk, then work it...Syn from Born of Fire because I love me a bad boy with a damaged past that just needs to be loved...Brandt Pela from Undercover because he is so sexy it hurts my eyes and of course, the BDB..love them all but I hold a special place in my heart for Rehvenge. I can go on and on forever...sigh. Great post!

  8. Oh, Mar....I love Syn toooo!! Those guys in that series are just soo...YES! :-) Can't wait to meet the Demonica guys; I keep hearing about them! And Bones...well, we all know that he could get it, get it, get it! Oh wait...we were talking about DATING.....RIGHT! tee hee hee

  9. I have many steady book boyfriends - topping the list - Barrons, John Matthew, Bones, Adam (Mercy Thompson). Hot damn...they are all so sexy!

    Roarke is ALL RAWR!

  10. Mandi, I like all of your guys! John Matthew would have been my BDB choice if I met him first; I've had a soft spot for him since his first appearance!

  11. Devereaux (Dev) Peltier from the Dark Hunter series would fit right in at #2... for all the same reasons....YUMM-AY!!

    So could Zane, for that matter... and he likes a curvy girl too... WHAT?!!

    But I feel like taking it back to my very very first book love... the Dragon Lord himself.... ROHAN!!

  12. Ahhhhh.....the Dragon Lord! That Sunrunners series is a BEAST!

  13. I love John Matthew, Wrath and Rage! I love Ranger! Joe is a close second to him. I also love Barrons from the Fever series, Ethan from Chloe Neill's Chicagoland Vampire Series, Acheron from The Dark Hunters series, Curran from the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews and Martini from Touched by an Alien. The list goes on and on...

  14. Yes Buckeye girl I am with you! I have more than three but I'll just highlight a trio for now...
    1. Curran, Kate Daniels- he had me when he first stepped out of the shadows...

    2. Acheron, Dark Hunters- his life was so rough, and he is so BADASS, yet he has a soft side too. He deserves the love of a good woman (not unlike myself)...

    3. Eazy Rawlins- before Devil in Blue Dress ever came out as a movie I loved me some Ezekiel Rawlins. He's loyal to his friends no matter how crazy they are, he's community minded, and if things get rough he can always find a side hustle. Oh E-Z ( you know how to say it) LOL!

  15. @Buckeyegirl - I love all of those men on your list! The only ones I don't know are Martini, who is already on my TBR list and Ethan who is making his second appearance in the comments; I guess I better get him on the TBR list toooo!

    @Erica - ahhh, Curran; yum! I do love Acheron tooo!! EZ is another one of those bad boys who just can't be good; why are we all so attracted to them??? LOL

  16. #1 - Lucas Davenport from John Sandford's "Prey" novels. He's tall, dark-complected with a scar running across his eyebrow and has a penchant for the ladies. Yummy!! He Please believe that he does NOT look like Eric LaSalle (the fool from ER who THOUGHT he could be Lucas Davenport in a tv movie)!

    #2 - Virgil Flowers also from the John Sandford "Prey" novels as well as his own stand-alone series. He's more traditionally good-looking than Lucas, is funny as hell, also has a penchant for the ladies and we share the same taste in music! LOVE HIM!

    #3 - Bones from Jeaniene Frost's Grave series. Besides being sexy and protective, he's effin FUNNY!!

    Honorable mentions: Harry Dresden (didn't make the list on account that I probably wouldn't make it through the date alive), Edward from the Anita Blake series (see reasoning above) & Jack Reacher from the Lee Child series (uh, again, same reasoning).

  17. @MsMica: OMG Rohan! I second that!!!

    I keep hearing about Rourke!!!

    My book boyfriends are Zhadist, John Matthew (BDB - hey, I can have two!)

    Bowen of the Immortals After Dark series.

    Terrible of the Downside Ghosts series

    and HELLO! BONES of the Night Huntress series!!!!

    Great Post Sweetie P!

  19. I am going to have to go with my man, Roland the Gunslinger (Stephen King The Dark Tower Series) I just have a thing for those in the "not to be f'd with lane"!

    Along those lines, Jack Reacher (Lee Childs) and Zadist, I could stand beside these dudes and talk smack till the end of time and no one could stop me! Love this Post Pen!

  20. Penny: That is so awesome! Congrats on the triathlon! And you aren't lazy - it's your blog, do what you want!!

    My Book Boyfriends are Wrath (BDB), Wraith (Demonica), Curran (Kate Daniels), Acheron (Dark Hunter) and Aeron (Lords of the Underworld).... Just to name a few!

  21. Chena - I've got Lucas, Jack and Harry on my TBR list! And you know how I feel about Bones already since I pimped him to you! :-)

    Pam - OMG! YOU HAVEN'T READ THE IN DEATH SERIES?!?! Giiiirlll, I have been a fan of Roarke since the 90's! Wow...that makes me sound so old...but its true so...whatcha gonna do?? I highly recommend starting the series; you'll love Roarke...I promise!

    EvilM - I love that your picks are the dudes who would allow you to talk all the smack you wanted! LOL

    Twimom - Thanks, hon! I'm acquainted with all of your boyfriends except Wraith...but he's on the TBR list!


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